Getting to know you activities

16.02.2016 08:40

Try these ten activities to better understand your learners’ needs, interests and preferences:
1. Ask learners to write personal profiles and post them on the classroom wall
2. Do a needs analysis at the beginning of the year / at the beginning of a course
3. Ask learners to do classroom surveys
4. Keep records of learner strengths / weaknesses / participation as you find out during each class
5. Do a whole class mingle (where everyone stands up and speaks to other learners), where learners ask each other questions (about interests, hobbies, etc.)
6. Play ‘I like’ – ask learners to stand in the middle of the room, ask a question e.g. ‘I like working in groups’, ‘I like sports’. If they agree, they run to one side of the room, if they disagree they run to the other (make sure you tell them which side before you start!). Make a note of the class preferences as you play the game.
7. Ask learners to introduce each other
8. Ask learners to interview and then write a profile of their partner (you can provide the questions to get the information that you need)
9. Ask learners to (anonymously) write things they like and don’t like on pieces of paper. Place two bags at the front of class. Learners drop in their papers at the end of the class.
10. Ask learners to suggest topics or activities for class – anonymously or in groups